Saturday, March 12, 2011

What does it mean to be a sustainable artist?

What does it mean to be a sustainable artist. Well, for me it means utilizing items that would other wise be waste. It is very simple; if on a daily weekly or quarterly bases I am throwing out a particular item I begin to think about that item. I put all my energy there until I think of a way to reinvent that item. Sometimes I simple collect the item. In bulk I may see a clear use that was not there with a single item. Often, I pass items on egg cartons, coffee post and of course compostables.

I craft items from those items in a pleasing way to be used or appreciated. My rag rugs and 3-d tin collages are a few of the ways I utilize this process. I work at a restaurant and I mange to get my hands on a few things there. I know any business throws away so many use-able items the potential flow is endless. We could reduce the land fields tremendously if we looked at waste in more creative ways.

Well, that's what being a sustainable artist means to me. How could you be more sustainable?

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