Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Make an Heirloom Pillow Cover

Crafty Design:  Personalized Pillow Covers

The pillows are made from t-shirts and linen fabric stamped, sewn and embellished to form a pillow cover. The covers fit a 13 x 13 pillow and are washable. The t-shirt’s designs personalize and contribute to the heirloom quality.  You can save a team shirt or a special runners shirt to make your heirloom pillow.

I cut out several numbered patterns with bold colors and patterns. The photos are the test pattern for my next group of pillows. I have dozens of numbers and bold patterns to mix into pillow. I keep interesting fabrics or clothing for your pillow.  I’ll be using various techniques to accent my pillows. I like stamping, silk screen, sewing, embroidery and various printing styles. Get directions to make your pillow here.

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