Sunday, October 16, 2011

You Can Help Feed the World

Take back the food agenda from multi National Corporation who only think about profit. We can feed the world, reduce pollution, and have plenty left over. How? Vote with you pocket books and don’t allow your elected representative to choose reelection and money over health and welfare. The largest situation to stop now is the use of food as energy. Corn use to feed the world now it feeds the commodity markets and cars. Tell your congressman to stop subsidies for any food product that don‘t feed the=he people of the world. Ethanol could be made with a number of non food products. Let’s push from both sides and help change the tide. Talk to your government and take dollars away from companies who use corn as energy. Call the gas companies and congressman now.I am proud to be taking part in Blog Action Day OCT 16 2011

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Sissym said...

Congratulations on your article about food!

Our participation is very important to the world.

It is a great pleasure to come meet you!

Kisses from Rio de Janeiro.