Sunday, January 8, 2012

Make your own Recycle Cans Storage

Recycled Cans Make Great Industrial Storage

The cubbies can sit on a shelf or hang on a wall and be joined together if more storage is needed.  Not only will you create a wonderful storage, you can also recycle cans in a beautiful way.   Repurpose it’s better than recycle.

4 tins
Large drill bit
Screw driver or awl

Step one
Cans, clean and sanded if need to insure opening are  not jagged. Use
foil sealed coffee cans or use a can opener which leaves smooth edges.

Step two

Paint cans if desired or clean up any marks
Mark holes and drill

Holes should be close to edges of can a quarter inch is fine.  Line up holes from top to bottom.  I used the first can as a pattern to mark other cans.  If cans are imperfect mark holes to cover bad spots.

Second Hole positions  

On two cans mark the first hole and at 3 o’clock from the first hole place a new set.  This will give the cans the wave pattern so they are staggered.  It also allows you to stack more than one row on top for extra storage.  

Step three

Place your screws in the holes.  Use a short screw drive to tighten the screws
I used washers on both sides of screw to protect the raw hole opening.  

Step four

Place d ring hangers on the back of the end cans.  The hangers will be a quarter of the way down on the back of the can.  Look at the cans to decide if you favor one side or other as top or bottom before drilling holes.   The d ring will be set with a screw, washer and nut also.  

You can for go this step if you’d like to sit the tins on a desk or shelf.  Further, you can screw the tin directly into the wall.  Please use anchor bolts it there will be any heavy weight in the tins; evaluate your individual situation for best options.  I have some in my garage for tools; they have a 60 weight anchor bolt to insure no big messes.  

The tins are now ready to use.  You can increase the use factor by attaching a hook to the bottom or side.  Place a shelf across the top or place heavy magnets on tins to attach notes.   Thanks I hope you enjoy your can cubbies

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