Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Earth Day Exchange

I made a wonderful Earth Day Environmental Exchange. A few months ago through Linked in I logged in as a sustainable artist Chris Wenz, of Over the Top Quilting Studio in Austin Texas contacted me. Her Quilting company makes quilts from t-shirts and collected lots of remnants. I told her I would love to take the extra remnants off her hands. This week I picked up an over sized bag of t-shirt pieces. I will be crocheting some beautiful rugs. The generosity of moving unused shirts gave me more product at no cost for supplies and one less bag in the land field. There is a symbiotic relationship out there for many businesses. In honor of Earth Day find one and divert something from a land field. Do something to create a smaller foot print.
Five Steps To Save
* Be sure you are recycling at home and at work.
* Ask places you frequent to recycle.
* Send an Email or letter to companies you use ask them to reduce packaging.
* Make list of useful items you throw out; someone needs them.
* Post a needs list on you web site; some one is throwing out what you need.

Now if ten percent of businesses cultivated such a relationship what would happen? Those business would see more options to save and cut cost and create more relationships. Get this ball rolling.

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