Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creative Meditation

I had a wonderful, media free day today. I went to the lake armed with a picnic, a book and yarn. It was the most tranquil day I've had in a while. The water was mesmerizing while the wind blew hard and cool.

Completely media free I had no camera and decide to leave the phone in the car. I listen to the wind and my own thoughts for hours and I was very creative. I try to do this for a little while everyday. Today it was 6 hours. I feel like I wiped the cob webs from my brain. I usually enjoy all or part of my exercise time media free. It is like watering a seed and giving it time to germinate. I keep a pad close by because I often have inspirations at those times.

I prepared myself for success today. I brought my copy of Ready Made, several balls of t-shirt yarn in various colors and a crochet needle. I had a location for my family to hang out and have freedom. I could see them from my cliff perch while I played with my yarn. I let my imagination wonder.

I also spent a good deal of time just enjoying the view. I listened to the wind the other people and watched the animals. Because I gave my mind a chance to do nothing it was free to make something. I will do this sooner than later and maybe expand my daily quiet, media free breaks. Creativity is as important to me has good food or a healthy diet. I need to spend more quality time nurturing it.

Steps to Creative Care?

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