Thursday, June 2, 2011

Focused Attention

I recently read a wonderful blog “A day without Distraction Lessons Learned from 12 hours of Forced Focus”. I found that to ridged or relaxed goals could defeat the purpose. Of completing goals. In addition, you must build in rewards to aid in success. My list of goals is long and the day is short so here is my plan.

My plan is to focus attention to accomplish specific goals. To do this I need to prioritize my goals and create a plan of action. I do this first because I need to know where I’m going to make the map to get there. Now I have always had a map but I get off the path frequently and would like to correct this obstacle.

To accomplish more and have a more productive day I will have no more than three main goals at a time. These goals are than broken down into daily action steps. I have the goals posted for all to see and I have the steps broken down on my daily calendar. Before I go to bed and when I wake up, I look at the plan.

This week I needed to upgrade my phone, run a firing of bottles, write and complete a large crochet project. Everyday I have family and outside work requirements also. The trick is blending my obligations to accomplish both.

Here is an example of my daily to do list.

Paint cones

Wash bottles
Call optometrist
Visit north farmers market
Hangers for rugs?
Spanish lesson

Borrowing from A Day without Distraction I have decided that I will achieve more by giving each task individual attention. Yesterday I set out with one goal in mind to purchase a phone. That done this morning after quickly looking over emails I set up the new phone.

I have my baskets of yarn set up for quick access to work on crochet project through out the day.

I have broken down the steps to firing the kiln and when I have blocks of time I knock out another step. Count down to firing.

In between, I take care of work and family.

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