Monday, June 6, 2011

DIY Shrinky Dinks

                                                                      Before the Oven

I don’t know why I love repetition but I do. I came across a DIY shrinky dink and decided to do something with this great picture of an old VW I had taken. I love the car and wanted to do something fun with it so I thought a collection of DIY shrinky dinks in various colors would be awesome. I have all the colors and a cute little grouping and ideas are pinging off my head like a pin ball machine. Have look at my car collection in pictures.

After the Oven

I used the number six take out boxes. And colored the boxes with sharpies. I scanned the panels because I see this turning into something else I just don’t know what right now. I also have to wait until my family is out of the house because cooking plastic fumes can’t be             good for them, Right? You’ll see the results as soon as I do!

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