Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Organizing Through Goal Setting

What is truly great is I am active, organized and focused on completing task. I am giving myself to task 100% for given periods in my schedule. I know how much time steps in my projects take so I lay out task to complete. I am mixing mundane task which I find bog me down with more stimulating task throughout the day.

Schedule Blocks

For example, I broke down fabric while I watched Hitchcock movies. It is a simple repetitive task so I develop a rhythm and get lots of work done in one 80/90 minute block. Today I completed sewing some towels and afterward organized smaller rugs into large projects. It was such a rush a reward for the sewing which I’m not crazy about.

I can schedule a hour block on the dining room table while my family is out swimming. I pin thirty dish towels ready for sewing the next block I have.
I set up blocks at the end of each block.

Online study and emails are combined, I read about clay types, marketing, studying blogs and other things I need. I have email time in blocks also. If I need to communicate more often because of sales, posting, photos or writing I set up standard blocks. In between if I need to check communication I am only allowed to respond to the specific task and nothing more until I have a larger block scheduled. In email blocks I limit myself by attempting to touch things once. If it is a quick easy response I handle it right there. I make a snap judgment on how I use my small block of time by deleting junk and getting the most out of my time.

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