Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recycle Your Foam Egg Cartons

Egg Cartons
I want to recycle  a box of egg cartons.  We usually purchase the 18 pack of eggs so I have 12 green Styrofoam cartons.  I have recycled plenty of these carton but need  a place to send the extras. 
I found a gentleman named Enno de Kroon’s who paints the two dozen egg cartons beautifully.  Not helping me but very cool.

  Recycling Options
There are many resources to help find out how to recycle. has a super resource to help with common items.  They make it very easy. In Austin, Texas we have Ecology Action of Texas   who does not take egg cartons.   However, they do take lots of waste you can not place at the curb.  Further, they have lots of cool volunteer opportunities.  We are lucky in Austin to have single stream recycling at the curb.
 Recycle Foam
I did find a company Dolco Packaging who recycles clean foam egg cartons.   The cartons can be mailed to them at one of seven locations.  I am very happy to have made the connection and will mail may cartons there from now on.  It would be nice if egg producers could use products that were more suitable for recycling .  But I am glad Dolco is recycling foam waste.
See Change?

12 cartons fit perfectly in a small uhaul box.  It will cost about $6.00 to ship to Dallas.  All this has made me rethink my egg purchases.  Actually, if I can’t find  a local recycling spot this  adds fifty cents to each egg purchase.  Mmmmm,  at that price I should be buying local eggs with no carton?

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